Ken Coulson – Founder – Future Bright: Ken Coulson is a pioneering thought leader in the field of sustainability. Through his think tank and advisory, Future Bright, Ken has promoted stakeholder education and investor access for sustainable investments, including: renewable energy, energy efficiency and vertical farming. Ken has worked with project developers, investment funds, local institutions, government and asset managers, to identify their business goals and sustainability and impact initiatives. Ken is currently working to incubate both large-scale global vertical farming projects, as well as, localized education-based modules to promote awareness and adoption of sustainable future farming. Future Bright believes vertical farming, along with greenhouse and soil-based organic, is a necessary part of our food security strategy. Future Bright is launching a “Reframe the Debate campaign focusing on Climate Volatility as a quantitative risk management tool and conceptualizing a educational sustainability framework STEMS™, the final ‘S’ stands for Sustainability.


In 2014 and 2015, Ken partnered with UBS Asset Management and was a member of the firms’ Group-wide Sustainability Council. Ken worked across stratified investment groups to bridge solutions and working knowledge in sustainable investment trends, performed due diligence on various companies in the field of socially responsible investing and designed a private equity-style vehicle for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Ken also wrote on industry trends and technologies, including: storage, solar PV and sustainable finance.

Prior to his focus on sustainability, Ken spent 13 years in finance, managing and developing high frequency electronic derivatives trading systems for Goldman Sachs, UBS and Hull Trading. As a portfolio manager and eventual Managing Director and Head of Electronic Volatility Trading, Ken designed and operated trading systems around the world dealing with budgeting, operations, risk management, compliance and managed employees of diverse background. While at Goldman, Ken worked and lived in London and Germany before returning to the United States to help start UBS’ electronic market making platform. At UBS, Ken also gained experience in Asian markets including Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. The businesses Ken contributed to directly delivered over $300M in net profits to these firms and included technology and cultural spinoff. At UBS, Ken was active in recruitment and employee development, pushing young people to think differently about innovation, impact and shaping industry and culture outside of the status quo. Ken was often a speaker at universities including Princeton and Carnegie Mellon.

Ken is also a prolific creator outside of purely economic realms. As a believer in a full-circle approach to craft both supply (economic access) and demand (consumer choice), Ken founded a multi-media company, Sonic Bomb LLC, to promote positivity and awareness in sustainability. Ken is the creator of a novel and film series in development and has also completed an animated screenplay. As a musician, Ken has written and released over ten albums in multiple genres and he has performed in support of the local foods and sustainability movement at Whole Foods, CT NOFA Winter Conference, The Working Lands Alliance, Live Green CT and dozens of Farmers’ Markets. Ken is a nature lover and avid Ultimate Frisbee player; so much so, he helped curate Circles on Sounds, a festival promoting Ultimate Frisbee, live local music and community.