5 Forms of Capital

5 Forms of Capital

The Future Bright model begins with the recognition that there are 5 forms of capital that form the basis of a healthy and functioning society and economy: Natural, Human, Service, Financial and Manufactured.

As a predication, Natural Capital and Social Capital are the essential ingredients but history is telling us that these capital forms are degraded and severely strained.
The Future Bright opportunity is about how to unlock the tremendous economic potential in the restoration and efficient use of natural capital and by improving the utilization of labor through localization and proper use of technology.

The risk view captures the potential liability for corporations that ignore their stewardship of essential services provided by stable natural and human capital systems.

This is the basis for the Future Bright model. The Natural Economic view recognizes the whole system to include Natural Capital in the bottom left and waste in the bottom right. Waste should be seen as a potential Future Waste Liability (FWL) or to have Resource Conversion Optionality (RCO’s). The upper left quadrant represents manufactured and service capital. Human capital and demand is represented in the upper right. The arrows in the middle represent financial capital. (c) Future Bright 2015


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