Green Consumer

Green Consumer


The farthest downstream – the green consumer has the highest amount of absolute leverage in the 5F economy (see. 5 Forms of Capital: SRI).


In one possible paradigm of sustainable investment themes above (SI Themes) the Green Consumer could be seen to be pivotal in all macro and micro conditions. The secular tailwinds fall into three main categories:

1.) Corporate Demand Shift: On July 31st, Apple, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and nine other multi-billion dollar corporations announced a pledge to address climate change alongside the White house. The $130B accord will see more private investment in renewables and efficiency as well as a commitment to reduce or end activities that lead to deforestation.

2.) Consumer Pull: Consumers are demanding clean food and energy, affordable electric vehicles and transparent political and corporate views on sustainability issues. Sustainability is largely being missed by mainstream media and this creates opportunity. Growth rates in EV’s, Solar and organic food all confirm the trend. As access increases and structural impediments crumble, are voted down or become obsolete, expect acceleration to re-invigorate the markets of early adopters.

3.) Consumer Culture: The conscious shift towards the reality of a finite planet with scarce resources is accelerating. New media and global connectivity (singularity) are fueling the growth of sustainable industries across the globe. Technology is enabling new forms of journalism, like this, crowd funding, enhanced plurality, transparency and more.