Precision Ag

Precision Ag

Just as Renewables are driving a massive replacement cycle in energy system, Precision Ag will reshape conventional agriculture systems. Our food system is laden with embedded costs and enormous risks. Examples include: toxins/carcinogens in the food supply, antibody use in livestock, water contamination due to pesticides, long supply chain (>1300miles on average) and many more.

For solutions, we look backwards to the biodiversity protection of an organic system and forwards to the future farms that stand upright and enclosed in our urban centers, using 90% less water, no toxins and growing 24/7.

**THINK TANK: Future Bright predicts millions square feet of urban vertical farms powered by solar, wind and battery backup power, located in nearly every major municipality could allow massive reforestation of the central plains. This reforestation would pay a biodiversity and security benefit. The localization would additive in jobs and reduce health care costs.**


Vertical Farms are closed loop hydroponic farms that are pesticide and herbicide free. They grow sustenance with LED lights and smart sensors, using 90% less water, in any climate and can operate 24/7.