It is a renaissance moment for renewable energy. Mankind is reclaiming the idea that the elements can power his society and do it at a fraction of the ‘true’ cost of substitutes. The elegance of renewable energy is undeniable and powerful and early infrastructure investors should be rewarded. Core features of renewable power include: localization and therefore stability of cash flow, relative consistency of resource availability, zero fuel costs or zero marginal cost of productivity, low environmental degradation and low effluents like carbon, methane or sulfur.


  • Renewables represented 58.5% of net additions to global power capacity in 2014
  • New Investment in 2014 was over $300B
  • Countries with renewable energy policy targets: 164
  • States with Feed-In Tariffs: 108

A snapshot of renewables


WIND: At the end of 2014, cumulative installed global wind capacity stood at 369GW.

SOLAR: In 2015, Solar PV will surpass the 200GW mark for global installation capacity after a record year of growth in 2014. Concentrated Solar Power or CSP capacity stood at 4.4GW

GEOTHERMAL: Geothermal energy holds the promise of nearly 100% capacity factor but faces headwinds in terms of development risk. Cumulative capacity stood at 12.8GW at the end of 2014 with much of new capacity being added in Africa.

HYDROELECTRIC: 37GW of new hydro capacity were commissioned in 2014 taking the total to 1,055GW

sources: NREL, Future Bright, REN21

Future Bright performs analysis of the global renewable landscape including policy environment, financial proformas and project structures