Profits Today – Prosperity Tomorrow

Profits Today – Prosperity Tomorrow

Future Bright LLC is a Sustainability Holding company consisting of a Goods business, a Clean Food Project advisory, a non-profit platform and a liquid strategies / think tank function.

Future Bright’s mission is to promote economic growth and stability through localization of clean food and energy systems and to support the edification of conscious consumers and investors.

Future Bright’s investment  thesis is that efficient and sustainable business models that focus on resource efficiency, localization and waste minimization will outperform those with high future waste liability potential (FWL’s), long supply chains, produce products with short useful lives and and have a high dependence on extraction of scarce resources.


Future Bright was founded by Ken Coulson and believes there are multiple Trillion Dollar Sustainability evolutions underway. They are: Renewables, Efficiency, Storage, Smart Grid, Precision Agriculture, Green Consumer Products and Singularity / Big Data or the Closed Information Loop.

Services: Integrated Design and Business Planning, Investment Modelling, Financial Proformas, Business Assessments, Policy, Financial Innovation and Technology.

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