Rest in Peace – Gabe Selig 1967-2016

Rest in Peace – Gabe Selig 1967-2016

All things pass. All things.

On Sunday, we lost a friend and a fellow traveller on life’s great continuum. Gabe Selig died doing what he loved, surrounded by those who knew and cared for him.

Gabe was a true character and he cared deeply about what he believed in. Although I met Gabe in 2003, it wasn’t until 2011 that I would begin to understand the importance of those beliefs.

Gabe was a passionate proponent of sustainability, particularly of the merits of solar power. When I was at a crossroads in my life, Gabe agreed to take me on a deep dive and impart wisdom about what was to come. Gabe was before his time in this field and worked tirelessly to bring together people of diverse backgrounds. He took me to visit cutting edge technology companies and together we walked and rode the southern faces of farmland in Gabe’s adopted homeland of Vermont, speaking with landowners about the possibilities of sustainable energy.

On those winding backroad car rides, I got to know Gabe as more than a colorfully dressed, jovial ultimate player. He was smart and engaged about the possibilities of our future world. He understood much and he believed in helping people to achieve their dreams.

One of his dreams was to sustainably develop large pieces of Vermont land in a community-driven way, bringing together passions and functions, while protecting the land. Music, farming, wind and solar all had a place in the dreams Gabe shared and, over time, I too began to share those same dreams.

This period of time has been a gift for me, solidifying a shift, and I have Gabe to thank for it.

Gabe did what he loved. Beyond his tireless work to make a difference, he lived life to the fullest: topping his cup with live music (he played the saxophone), snowboarding and, of course, Ultimate.

As all things pass, Gabe passed on the Ultimate field. It’s sad, yes. We can be sad that Gabe’s color, laughter and spirit may physically have moved on. But ask yourself this, where and when would you want to transition? What will you believe? Where will you be?

Gabe believed and lived for the right things. All the way.

We should think of all those mornings when the community came together. Men and women, aged thirteen to sixty. Gabe was a foundation stone of that community. A part of the circle that goes on… forever.

It’s a sunny day, warm but breezy. Giant, shape-shifting clouds fill the sky. The grass is wet from a spring shower. You are racing down the field, at your best. There’s a chase and in a glance you catch sight of eyes you’ve known for many years. They see you too and the circle flies through the air.

Shouts blend with the wind and the birds. Your eyes lock to the spinning circle. You race and lunge and, seconds before the chaser does, you grab the circle and roll.

The smells are grass and dirt. The air is warm. There is a cheer. The sun and clouds paint with shadows on the ground. The chaser congratulates you. You rise and walk into the sun.

Rest in Peace Gaber – we’ll always know where to find you.  

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